Business Coaching for Photographers

Professional coaching is a collaborative, creative process that can help you to find clarity, strengthen focus and achieve your greatest potential. Over the past 28-years, I’ve coached countless clients to identify and achieve their personal and professional goals. Working together through a logical and structured process, you’ll begin to look at yourself and your photography in new ways … ways that will help you to advance your business and to create the images you’ve always wanted to capture.

Improve Your Photography

While there are many things that a photographer can do to improve their craft, we’ll review what I believe are the two techniques that can dramatically improve your images, very quickly. We’ll also go through many other essential elements of establishing a quality shot, including the structured approach I use at every photoshoot. I’m confident that using these methods will help you to get great results!

Deliver Your Brand

Much of the coaching work that I do involves helping my clients establish a rock-solid brand for their photography business!brand is NOT just your logo or your website or a collection of marketing materials … believe it or not, it’s not even the images you capture! All these things, while very important, simply represent components of your brand. Your brand is actually how these things come together to form your customers’ over-arching experience of you and your photography business. The key question is: How does this experience get formed?

Leveraging my many years of experience as a senior business executive at an industry leading firm, I’ve distilled several branding best practices into a step-by-step method to help you establish a brand that captures the best of you — one that resonates with your customers and distinguishes you from your competitors.

Are You Ready for a Breakthrough!?

So whether you’re a new photographer trying to establish yourself in the field or a more seasoned professional wanting to take your photography business to the next level, I can help!  For a complementary, no-obligation initial consultation, please contact me at:  

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  • My experience with Tony can be summed up in a simple statement: I’ve learned and improved more in the past few months working with him, than I did in the first three years of working on my own. He has a quiet confidence that inspires me, and his teachings are in the back of my head every time I stand behind my camera. Reaching out to Tony and asking for his help to improve my photography and build my brand, was the single best decision I have ever made for my business. To anyone out there who has a passion for photography and wants to take it to the next level, do yourself a favour and spend some time with Tony!"

    Brandon Cooper, Photographer/Owner
    Fort McMurray, AB

    "When I started my coaching with Tony, I thought the primary value would be getting to learn how to make great images like his. But I was pleasantly surprised that not only did he have expertise in image editing/composition, he also had high-level business and branding expertise. It’s been so great to apply his approach to enhancing my brand and I’m now regularly approaching new clients with what we've talked about​ ​--​ ​and it works! Tony explained things in detail, which was great because I enjoy doing the deep dive. He combined the right balance of a traditional teaching and a casual openly-talking feel. He also made sure that I fully understood the moving parts of branding and how creating great photos was a part of that. If you’re interested in getting some coaching services for your photography business, I would strongly recommend Tony!"

    Tony Thompson, Photographer/Owner
    Thompson Photography
    Kansas City, MO